did you notice that?

Is it just me or did you guys notice this too; last episode Abbey said that “once your teens and enter that division im through with you” Well Nia and Kalani are both already teens and Maddie and Kendall are 12 so what do you think will happen next year? will the show continue even though there moved up an age group?th-1



123 We are Abby Lee

456 You should see our kicks

7 and 8 We are really great

9 and 10 We just won again!!!

this is the cheer Abby and the girls always chant in the dressing room after they win a group dance!

Has Kendall taken over?

Is Kendall the new team pop star? The team recently danced to Kendall’s new song “wear em’ out”. The song has not been released for sale yet and was only used for this dance. Kendall and the girls were recently on set for the music video that goes along to this song. Insiders say that Kendall decided to make music because the producers of the show have to pick the girls music that they dance to. The girls do not really enjoy the music and can not feel the dance and even Abbey has said she doesn’t like it. This way Abbey and the girls can make music that they like and want to dance to and that the producers approve of.

Kendall and her two sisters at the music video shoot.

Kendall and her two sisters at the music video shoot.

Dance Moms be gone?

All good things must come to an end. Is it their time? People say that the show encourages Abby to treat the kids badly and that it should end. Who wants the team to stay and who wants them to go? Let me know your answer and why?

maddie and sia new besties?

maddie’s on the rise due to her new friend sia. maddie has stared in two of her new music videos- chandelier with over 575,000,000 views on youtube, and her newest video- elastic heart with over 156,000,000 already. the new duo has also preformed on Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, the grammys, dancing with the stars and much much more.

maddie and sia at the grammys

maddie and sia at the grammys